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Unlocking sustainability: embracing water reuse in industries this World Water Day

Veolia Water Technologies
by Veolia Water Technologies
22 March 2024
4 minutes read

    As the world gears up to celebrate World Water Day, Veolia Water Technologies stands at the forefront of a crucial conversation – the need for sustainable water practices in industries. This World Water Day, our focus is on empowering industries with the transformative potential of water reuse. In this blog post, we explore the urgency and significance of embracing water reuse for a resilient future.

    The Current Scenario

    On this World Water Day, as we collectively address the global water crisis, industries must recognise their pivotal role in sustainable water management. Recent studies underscore the substantial water consumption by industrial processes in Europe: utilising a hefty 45%, the European industry uses annually more water than agriculture (30%). This emphasises the need for a fundamental shift towards responsible water use. Water reuse emerges as a strategic and timely solution.

    Success Stories


    As the sun rises on this World Water Day, let's draw inspiration from real-world success stories where water reuse has not only alleviated water scarcity but has also proven economically prudent.

    Success Story: Belgian Brewery's Reuse Project

    This Belgian brewery, much like many agri-businesses, aimed to reduce water consumption while increasing production. The solution was found in Veolia Water Technologies' Reuse project, perfectly aligning environmental goals with improved operational performance.

    Key Performance Indicators:

    • 6 m³/hour of reused water
    • Water savings of around 70% per litre of beer produced
    • Potential annual savings of €100 000 
    • 50,000 m³ of water saved per year

    With the treated water obtained through Reuse, the brewery has ushered in a new era of possibilities. Quality food-contact water is now efficiently utilised for washing tanks, bottles, and conducting CIP cleaning. Beyond financial and environmental benefits, this agro-industrialist's Reuse project has positioned them effectively for their country's future regulatory framework. By 2040, all Belgian manufacturers will be required to implement wastewater reuse.

    Success Story: Belgian Dairy's Reuse Project

    Limelco, a prominent dairy producer based in Zonhoven, Belgium, faced a pressing challenge: their existing wastewater treatment plant was outdated and overburdened, incapable of accommodating the anticipated 30% increase in effluent. Limelco turned to Veolia Water Technologies for a comprehensive solution to maintain compliance with discharge standards and minimise their ecological impact.

    We proposed an innovative wastewater treatment solution tailored to Limelco's requirements. The new installation featured two buffer basins, pre-treatment with screening and flotation, and aerobic treatment via a membrane bioreactor (MBR) with nitrogen and phosphorus removal, ensuring the effluent's water quality met surface water discharge standards. Additionally, to further reduce environmental impact, Limelco integrated a reverse osmosis plant to facilitate effluent reuse. This plant included our CaptuRO™ system, a cutting-edge semi-batch reverse osmosis technology designed to maximize hydraulic recovery while minimizing membrane scaling and fouling.

    Key Performance Indicators:

    • Flow Rate: 2,880 m³/day
    • Hydraulic Recovery: 75%

    Limelco's decision to implement our water reuse solution yielded significant benefits. Not only did it ensure compliance with discharge standards, but it also substantially reduced their ecological footprint on water resources. By reusing effluent, Limelco achieved considerable cost savings on discharge fees, chemicals, and energy consumption.

    These success stories exemplify the positive impact achievable when industries embrace water reuse technologies.

    Technological Innovations

    At Veolia Water Technologies, innovation is at the heart of our commitment to sustainability. On this World Water Day, we proudly introduce our latest breakthrough, the CaptuRO™.


    CaptuRO™ redefines the landscape of water reuse with its semi-batch reverse osmosis design. This system stands as a testament to Veolia Water Technologies' commitment to pushing the boundaries of water treatment.

    At its core, CaptuRO™ brings forth a major breakthrough—higher hydraulic recovery coupled with minimized potential for membrane scaling and fouling. This means not only increased efficiency in water recovery but also a significant reduction in maintenance challenges.

    The semi-batch reverse osmosis plant ensures that industries not only meet regulatory standards but exceed them. By integrating CaptuRO™ into their water treatment processes, businesses can confidently stride towards a more sustainable and water-efficient future.

    Interested by the CaptuRO? CLICK HERE to know more about

    Environmental Impact

    This World Water Day, the environmental imperative of water reuse takes centre stage. By curbing the demand for freshwater intake and reducing wastewater discharge, industries actively contribute to the preservation of our natural water resources. This isn't just about ecological responsibility; it's a tangible commitment to global sustainability goals. Water reuse is the key to a healthier planet for generations to come.

    Regulatory Compliance

    As governments globally tighten regulations on water usage and discharge, industries face a watershed moment. On this World Water Day, let's acknowledge that water reuse isn't just compliance; it's a strategic move towards resilience and reputation enhancement. Industries that proactively adopt sustainable water management practices position themselves as leaders in responsible resource stewardship.

    This World Water Day, let the call for action resonate across industries. Explore Veolia Water Technologies' comprehensive solutions today and embark on a journey towards sustainable and responsible water reuse. Click HERE to discover our solutions.

    In conclusion, as the world unites on World Water Day, let's recommit ourselves to the cause of water conservation. By embracing water reuse, industries can lead the charge towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

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