Consider a water treatment system refurbishment instead of an overhaul

If your water treatment system is presenting regular performance and efficiency issues it could be reaching the end of its lifespan. Frustrating periods of downtime could suggest that your system is rapidly declining. If so, you might be facing a dilemma: refurbishment or replacement?

You may think that a complete new system is the only way forward, however you may be surprised to learn that in some cases refurbishing a water treatment system can often work better for you – as well as being more likely to suit your current budget.

Here are a few reasons why a refurbishment may be the best move:

Uninterrupted business-as-usual

Refurbishments reduce the amount of downtime needed for essential works compared to installing an entirely new system and can be carried out within a very tight time frame. What’s more, refurbishments can take place out-of-hours and if you really can’t afford any interruption to business it’s possible to arrange temporary mobile water services to fill the gap while your primary system is being upgraded.

Protect the bottom line

Think about both the immediate and long-term costs when making your decision. Refurbishments can be far more cost-effective than splashing out on an entirely new plant – if this suits your needs. A refurbishment helps to reduce operating and maintenance costs and it’s a great way of extending the life of your system. This allows you to continue with business as usual for several more years, knowing that your water treatment system is performing effectively and you are unlikely to encounter any expensive technical issues.

Improve environmental performance

A water treatment system refurbishment can be much better for the environment than a full replacement; you can bring your plant up-to-date without needing to think about how to dispose of any no-longer-needed equipment.

Don’t just scrap, get in touch

There is a lot to consider when planning a water treatment system refurbishment. However it doesn’t have to be a stressful process.

So before you commit to scrapping your current water treatment system and replacing it completely, we are happy to conduct a free, no obligation inspection and evaluation. This includes pre-treatment, make-up water, process water, and waste water, and we will send you a detailed report containing refurbishment recommendations.

Contact us if you want to talk to one of our refurbishment experts to find out how we can help you to reduce operating costs and deliver savings.


Adrian Clough

About the Author

Adrian Clough

Adrian leads our customer service teams within the UK. He has been with the organisation since 1989 in a number of operational leadership positions. For the first fifteen years of his time with Veolia Water Technologies (VWT UK), Adrian acted in senior project roles, including leading the build and commissioning of our Stoke-on-Trent facility and the commissioning of the Media reprocessing plant for our Mobile Water and Cylinder Exchange business. Since 2004, Adrian has been focused within our Service business, Initially as a Specialist Refurbishment Engineer and then within our Service Commercial team developing support agreements for our customers across our key markets. He became head of our customer service teams in 2019, leveraging his cross market, operational leadership expertise to the benefit of all VWT UK customers.