How water treatment chemicals add value to industrial wastewater solutions

Professionals in the wastewater sector rely on water treatment chemicals and associated services to help them meet regulatory limits however if not advised correctly water treatment chemicals can result in additional and unnecessary costs.

Water treatment chemicals play an increasingly important role in the effluent water treatment process. A combination of rising running costs and stringent administrative concerns means that there is now a higher need to optimise operational performance than ever before. Thankfully, new innovations are helping companies to improve processes, whilst reducing regulatory charges. By working with Veolia Water Technologies, companies garner more stable results, helping plants to operate at more efficient levels of performance.

Getting the right water treatment chemical program can be complex and requires the help of an expert. To this end, our team is on-hand to provide clients with support, sharing its technical knowledge and years of experience. To begin with, a full assessment of the wastewater treatment facility will be conducted, reviewing the chemical composition of the existing effluent water. With cutting-edge effluent water monitoring technologies, the effluent profile of water is assessed by measuring factors such as flow rate, total suspended solids (TSS), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and the pH level of the water.

After assessing the results, specific chemicals can be tailored that will perform the most effectively in the effluent water. A great example of this process in action is at AAK Foods. The Runcorn-based food production company had become unsatisfied with its existing effluent water treatment program. The previous system had been run on a month-to-month basis and as a result, the costs associated with the service fluctuated and it was not performing at an optimum level. Furthermore, the chemical solution required evaluation to avoid unnecessary costs.

Conducting a chemical composition review of the effluent stream allowed our team of experts to carefully select the necessary chemical solutions. After reviewing the chemical composition of the wastewater, the number of chemicals required was reduced. Hydrex 6861 organic coagulant and its Hydrex 6903 water-based polymer were supplied. The Hydrex 6861 chemistry was particularly well-suited to the effluent profile at AAK Foods because of the small capacity of the treatment plant and the low pH level of the stream.

Optimising water treatment chemical performance at the site has had a number of advantages. For one, chemical dose rates are far more predictable. As a result, the company has been able to reduce MOGDEN charges. Similarly, wastewater sludge management has been improved on-site, which has helped the dissolved air flotation unit to operate at a higher flow rate. Finally, the update has removed the need for the client to purchase expensive polymer dilution equipment. All in all, by working closely with AAK Foods, we helped to reduce the number of water treatment chemicals they require. In turn, this means the company has to pay less money to United Utilities in MOGDEN charges, and less money on sludge handling.

The project at AAK Foods highlights what is possible when water treatment chemicals are properly assessed and the performance is optimised. Our partnership has helped AAK Foods to save money and reduce MOGDEN charges. Additionally, plant engineers now have to spend less time checking if the effluent water stream is within consent limits. To ensure that results remain stable post-installation, our team maintains regular contact with engineers at the plant. Together, engineers from both companies meet to discuss performance and to ensure any further alterations to the chemical levels are enacted upon.

Veolia Water Technologies offers a range of solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and resource recovery.

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Robert Denny

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Robert Denny

Rob started his career working for Anglian Water, before moving on to become a technical sales specialist within the industrial water treatment sector designing water treatment programs for a number of industrial applications across the UK and Australia. Over the last 10 years he has been responsible for leading sales teams within this market, and for the last 3 years has been leading the Water Treatment Chemical services team for Veolia Water Technologies in the UK.