Troubleshooting water problems: Molecular Biology

Impurities in your water can have detrimental effects on your research. Particularly in sensitive applications where the smallest contaminant can ruin your experiment.

Arm yourself with the knowledge on troubleshooting water problems in the lab with the second part of this handy infographic series. This infographic looks into troubleshooting for molecular biology.


Troubleshooting water problems-Panel B WEB

Amanda Cove

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Amanda Cove

Amanda started her career specialising in selling water purification units into the laboratory market over 25 years ago. She spent several years on the road in the UK direct selling into laboratories, she then moved to our center of excellence, ELGA Labwater where she spent 4 years supporting the Eastern European market, then a further 7 years heading up the technical team and developing and delivering the sales training to our global distributors and gaining international experience. Finally she is based in the UK, leading a team of sales specialists for the ELGA Labwater product range.