Avoiding system downtime with Mobile Water Treatment Services

A constant and reliable supply of water is vital to many industrial sectors including power generation, automotive manufacturing, food and beverage production and engineering. This is why it is important to have a plan in place to help prevent any disruptions, wherever possible and to take advantage of solutions that avoid system downtime.

One of the common issues that a plant may experience is a boiler tube or condenser leak, which tends to result from a high demand of additional treated water. Leaks can be unpredictable in size and can be difficult to detect. This means it may be necessary to shut down the water supply to locate the leak and rectify it.

Another issue is when there are unforeseen failures at a water treatment plant. This can have serious operational consequences, and a negative impact on customer relationships and overall business reputation. Typical plant failure scenarios can include chemical and waste water handling issues, controls failures, contamination and defective equipment.

The best way to minimise the impact on the business is to work with a water solutions specialist who can offer a number of emergency response services for downtime management.

At Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) we offer Mobile Water Services with rental treatment assets to support and assist your site operations, whether it is temporary or for longer-term water treatment needs. With flow rates from 10 m³/hour to 1,000 m³/hour, the mobile water treatment is available as modular or standard systems in pre-packaged containers, skids, or trailers for maximum mobility and rapid response. The modular system allows any combination of process technologies to create a complete solution that meets the needs of any application. The mobile assets are designed with ‘plug-and-play’ connections that can be used immediately. We offer a range of water technologies including filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and deionisation.

Mobile Water Services offers a simple, cost-effective and efficient alternative to fixed plant for a wide variety of industrial applications. Mobile Water Services can also be used for long-term issues involving water scarcity, shortage of capex, and unforeseen changes in raw water supply.

Our mobile services allow a constant, secure and reliable source of water for as long as required to maintain all core operations. In addition, customers will receive full technical and operational support throughout the rental agreement.

For companies developing emergency plans, in addition to our Mobile Water Services, we also have our REACT ‘Treated Water Security’ plan, which has benefited businesses in various different sectors over the last ten years. We provide our customers with a free assessment of their water treatment requirements by looking for potential risks and prepare a response plan to minimise any disruption to their water supply. The service includes a full business continuity audit, which in the event of an emergency will speed up the process, ensure peace of mind and avoid costly downtime.

VWT UK has local and national resources to ensure mobile water facilities are ready and available at any location for rapid response to emergency, planned and multi-year requirements for water treatment.

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Dominique Tassignon

About the Author

Dominique Tassignon

Dominique has worked with industrial customers for over 20 years, joining Veolia Mobile Water Services almost 3 years ago. He has held several senior management roles including Services Director and Commercial Director in the Benelux for water treatment providers. Within Veolia as Commercial Director Europe for the Mobile Water Services he extended his geographical footprint with the objective to meet and exceed customer needs and ensure service excellence. He leads the sales development and growth of the MWS business across Europe.