Running a super green lab

Are you a superhero of the lab? When it comes to running a super green lab, we need to make sure that we are being sensitive not only to the requirements of our environment but also to the cost and energy efficiencies of the lab.

Make sure your lab is doing its part. Help our heroes in their quest to protect the environment.

Have you seen any of these superheroes in your lab?

ELGA Superhero Infographic V8


Amanda Cove

About the Author

Amanda Cove

Amanda started her career specialising in selling water purification units into the laboratory market over 25 years ago. She spent several years on the road in the UK direct selling into laboratories, she then moved to our center of excellence, ELGA Labwater where she spent 4 years supporting the Eastern European market, then a further 7 years heading up the technical team and developing and delivering the sales training to our global distributors and gaining international experience. Finally she is based in the UK, leading a team of sales specialists for the ELGA Labwater product range.