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Across the industrial Pharmaceutical sector, companies need reliable access to water for injection (WFI) in order to meet stringent guidelines and product quality specifications. At Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) we are able to provide this with our efficient and effective POLARIS water distillation units. The innovative range includes three leading systems; POLARIS CSG, POLARIS MED and POLARIS VCD. All three units are ideal for Pharmaceutical companies who want to reliably produce compliant compendial water or steam in an energy efficient manner.
We have worked hard to ensure that the range has been designed in accordance with GAMP, cGMP, ISPE and FDA guidelines. As a result, users can be confident that any chosen solution from the range will provide reliable and robust performance when combined with our comprehensive service offering.  

Our Polaris range of equipment consists of the clean steam generators (CSG), multi-effect distillers (MED) and vapour compression distillers (VCD). The Polaris CSG can produce between 100 and 5,000 kg/hr of pure steam (typically at 3 bar) and is compliant with EN285 steam quality limits. The Polaris MED model produces up to 10,000 L/hr of hot WFI, typically at 85°C, from a purified water feed. This also comes as a combi MED, allowing for simultaneous pure steam and hot WFI generation from a single unit. Our third Polaris model is the VCD which produces up to 15,000 L/hr of WFI, either hot or cold from a variety of feed water quality supplies. 

For companies looking to produce clean steam, POLARIS CSG is the optimum choice. The units include demisters for dry steam production (95% dryness) and an integrated thermal degasser for non-condensable gases removal, in compliance with HTM 2010, 2031 and EN285. 

Should clients require flexibility with clean steam and WFI production from a single unit, they can look to select a Comby MED. A Comby MED provides clean steam from the first column and WFI from the multiple effects in either a simultaneous or alternate configuration.  

The POLARIS MED solution, a multi effect distiller uses energy efficient falling film technology, which provides excellent steam and water quality, with low industrial steam and cooling water consumption. Moreover, the solution’s super fast start-up, minimises water losses and reduces water and energy footprint. 

Regardless of your choice, all solutions from the POLARIS range share a common Siemens based control system architecture and software design.

The dedicated PLC and Panel PC (15” touch screen HMI) comes complete with a local SCADA for supervisory system control, data acquisition and provides on screen graphical trending.  

The Siemens Simatic hardware range and TIA portal configuration platform complete with WINCC offers easy integration for current and future Purified Water and WFI systems. 

Veolia Water Technologies also provides POLARIS care which are comprehensive service maintenance contracts supported by our UK wide service teams. 

When combined, this ability to schedule services on a pre-planned basis, as well as the time-based replacement of specific parts and consumables can help you to significantly reduce the risk of downtime within your operations. With most companies looking to move on from a year of disruption, this benefit is now of even greater importance. What’s more, the approach enables us to guarantee the quality and value of your system across its lifetime. 

Veolia Water Technologies are able to provide a single supplier solution, providing a fully validated and packaged system from both a purified water feed and to a POLARIS solution.  This complete with our commercial and technical teams ensure delivery of a full solutions led project including: equipment supply, installation, project management, validation and system maintenance.  

By specifying a POLARIS solution, you will be choosing to work with a genuine industry-leader that you can rely on for support, even during these challenging times. 


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Max started his career in supporting commercial scientific functions including proposals and quotations and then developed his skills into varying scientific sales and account management roles. His focus has been with capital equipment over the last several years specifically targeting OEMs, Laboratories, Life Science and Pharmaceutical accounts covering a range of equipment from recirculating chillers, laboratory washers, endoscopy washers, GMP washers / sterilizers and isolators. The majority of this equipment requires purified water or water for injection where a lot of Max’s experience and network is now applied to Veolia Water Technologies specifically as a business development manager for Pharmaceuticals.