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15 Jan 2019

An overlooked solution


Designing and installing a water treatment solution – whether an RO or deionisation plant – is not a simple task, and a number of considerations need to be taken into account. Where will the new plant be installed? How long will installation and

9 Jan 2019

Building in Purity


Laboratories rely on the constant provision of high quality water for a variety of purposes; from glass washing to reagent preparation and instrumental analysis. Read on...

7 Jan 2019

How to select the right water purity for your lab applications


Pure water is used almost everywhere in the lab, from being a key reagent in your day-to-day experiments and assays to performing those "behind the scenes" functions like autoclaving, cleaning and water bath set-up. However, it can be tricky to

18 Dec 2018

Rethink water: why wastewater is not a dirty word


For too long, wastewater has been a dirty word. Too many companies believe that nothing can be done with wastewater once it’s been processed and as a result, they are paying high sewer discharge costs. Yet with pressures on our freshwater supply

12 Dec 2018

How to build a business case for a water treatment system


Are you a Project Engineer – or similar – with a water treatment system challenge? Does the solution require a significant investment by your company, or buy-in from the right people? If so it’s time to write a business case.

6 Dec 2018

Next-generation Gene Sequencing


Next-generation gene sequencing has come a long way since the concept was explained in the 1970s. Here we look at the technology's evolution & future trends.

3 Dec 2018

What everyone should know before buying a water purification system


Last month, Our Business Development Manager joined forces with ELGA’s very own Research & Development Manager to present “The Lab Pure Water Talk on Key Aspects of Water Chemistry & Technology Critical for Purified Water Production and Use”, held

30 Nov 2018

Troubleshooting water problems: Molecular Biology


Impurities in your water can have detrimental effects on your research. Particularly in sensitive applications where the smallest contaminant can ruin your experiment.

17 Nov 2018

Lab Survival Guide


Many of us have spent years in the lab, learning the numerous short cuts, the omitted steps from the protocols and the unsaid dos and don’ts. For those new to the lab, the world of whirring equipment, white coats and focused study can be pretty

15 Nov 2018

Minimizing environmental impacts of water purification


Read our guest blog, delving into the limits of climate change & the important for us to minimize the environmental impacts of water purification systems.

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