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A man using a forklift to lower SDI cylinders from a Veolia branded lorry.

Our SDI Service - 50 Years of Experience

Adrian Clough
by Adrian Clough
01 February 2024
2 minutes read

    Service Deionisation (SDI) is a sustainable and cost-effective method of producing deionised water for your facility. Ideal for pharmaceutical and industrial processes alike, our SDI service has been enabling customers to generate high-purity water for over 50 years. Read on to find out how our tried and tested service can save you time, money, and energy, whilst cutting your CO2 emissions.

    Our SDI service utilises deionisation cylinders to deliver low-cost process water. These take up minimal space and allow for the creation of an ‘on-demand’ source of high-quality water. As part of our tailored service, once the media in the cylinder is depleted, we will pick up and replace it with a regenerated cylinder for you – streamlining the process.

    What we offer

    SDI Cylinders

    Our SDI service offers flow rates of 140 to 10,000 litres per hour and can deliver process water of between 1 – 18 MΩ-cm with low total organic carbon, low trace dissolved metals and low residual solids. Our service also utilises our centralised stock holding and route planning technology. Not only does this enable quick and easy delivery to meet customers’ requirements, but it also allows us to organise one trip per exchange – supplying and removing spent cylinders at the same time, maximising efficiency and saving on fuel. 

    Why choose our service? 

    SDI Cylinder Storage

    Firstly, the customer is not required to handle, store or process any potentially harmful chemicals at any point of the process. This protects employees, whilst saving space and money. Secondly, our SDI service also requires no capital investment, which crucially allows the customer an increased level of flexibility as the system can be easily upgraded should more demanding quality and flow requirements be needed. 

    Another benefit of the service is its environmental advantage. Unlike other systems, no effluent or wastewater is put to drain, saving the customer money and reducing the pressure put on wastewater systems. What’s more, 98% of ion exchange resins used in our SDI cylinders are recycled. 

    To find out how we could help you deliver improved performance and reduce your costs, energy usage and CO2 output, contact a member of our team for a review of your current system, here


    Adrian Clough

    Author | Adrian Clough

    Adrian leads our customer service teams within the UK. He has been with the organisation since 1989 in a number of operational leadership positions. For the first fifteen years of his time with Veolia Water Technologies (VWT UK), Adrian acted in senior project roles, including leading the build and commissioning of our Stoke-on-Trent facility and the commissioning of the Media reprocessing plant for our Mobile Water and Cylinder Exchange business. Since 2004, Adrian has been focused within our Service business, Initially as a Specialist Refurbishment Engineer and then within our Service Commercial team developing support agreements for our customers across our key markets. He became head of our customer service teams in 2019, leveraging his cross market, operational leadership expertise to the benefit of all VWT UK customers.

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