Industry leading for over thirty years: The IonPro LX

For nearly 30 years, the IonPro LX system has been a favourite of customers offering a compact, user-friendly system capable of producing a constant supply of high-purity, low bacteria water. Supplied by Veolia Water Technologies (VWT UK), the system combines reverse osmosis (RO) with continuous electro-deionisation (CEDI). Suitable for use in pharmaceutical, microelectronics, healthcare, central laboratory and general manufacturing applications, the IonPro LX Mark II system has flow rates of 240 to 1000 l/hr.



System Components

  • Particulate filtration with option for carbon cartridge filters
  • Duplex softener
  • Reverse osmosis (RO).
  • Continuous electro-deionisation (CEDI) polishing deionisation

Features and Benefits
  • Flow rates between 240 to 1000 l/hr.
  • Simple to use human-machine interface (HMI) system which displays important process information when in operation.
  • Integrated semi-automated chemical sanitisation system
  • Compact unit.
  • Robust stainless-steel skid for robust design. 
  • Standardised single skid design to allow short lead times and quick start up. 
  • Supplied with full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). 
  • Optional Validation Pack available.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Microelectronics
  • Central laboratory (analytic water grade 2)
  • General Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

    After Sales Support
  • Local after-sales service and support teams offer preventative and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term efficient operation of installed plant.
  • When combined with VWT UK’s AQUAVISTA™ Portal, the system can enable companies to reduce the time they spend monitoring water treatment systems. The data-driven platform provides sites with an automatic audit trail, which details how systems are performing and enables increased data accuracy, which gives users an ability to trend site results.
  • Hydrex® 4000 water treatment chemicals from VWT UK should be used to optimise plant operation.

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Kalpesh Shah

About the Author

Kalpesh Shah

Kalpesh Shah is the Industrial Sales Manager for Veolia Water Technologies UK. He started out working within internal sales in the early 90's before moving into international sales. In 2000, his focus led him into project management where he worked on a variety of complex and demanding projects with clients ranging from the NHS, Industrial and Pharmaceutical, for over a decade. He then moved into pharmaceutical business development which he did successfully until his promotion to Industrial Sales Manager. Kalpesh has 26 years of extensive experience with all types of industrial water treatment systems and processes. He is able to support his clients with the design and implementation of efficient water treatment systems using an array of technologies.