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After an unprecedented period of business disruption, the challenges facing the industrial sector are arguably more pronounced than ever before. As such, it is essential that companies have reliable access to high quality water treatment technologies, that will allow them to deal with complex water and wastewater treatment requirements. In this blog, we take a look at those requirements and explain how early intervention from a water treatment expert can help.

Whether working to update an existing facility, or finalising plans for a new development, one of the main challenges facing the industrial sector is the upholding of ever-changing wastewater consent limits. In recent years, water companies have had to tighten consent limits in response to the growing demand placed on existing water infrastructure and regulations set by Ofwat. As such, any business that generates wastewater now finds itself increasingly challenged to ensure effluent discharge meets the permitted limits set by their local water company. 


Complying with these limits requires planning, as well as an understanding about the different ways it is possible to limit and treat effluent discharge. It is important that both new and existing facilities work to understand the individual nature of their own water and wastewater performance, as well as the specific local authority restrictions they fall under. Particularly during the development of new facilities, where discharge limits tend to be far tighter, it is essential that these enquiries are made before construction begins and solutions are specified. This individual analysis should help companies to find tailored solutions that can meet their requirements efficiently and with room to improve further in the future if necessary. 


To aid the specification process, it is crucial for companies to involve a water technologies expert, such as Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) at an early stage of specification. By doing so, they reduce the risk of adopting a solution or system that does not comply with the relevant restrictions they face. In the case of a new-build facility, we would recommend bringing a company like VWT UK on board from the outset as early engagement means we can maximise the value we bring to the project overall. We can help businesses find the optimum solution before certain elements, such as footprint, are affected by the wider construction of the facility.


In doing so, industrial companies are not only able to tackle their wastewater treatment needs without concern, they can also avoid any breaches to their environmental discharge permit. What’s more, through this early adoption of water and wastewater treatment planning, companies are able to go above and beyond industry standards and get more from their wastewater output. For one, with the proper planning, many industrial companies may be able to utilise wastewater from their facility and recycle it within their other operations. In some cases, this can help to generate further cost efficiencies, while also contributing towards the environmental credentials of the company. 


At VWT UK, we strongly believe in finding the best solutions for our customers. If you’re working on a new facility, or simply updating an existing site, we are on hand to help you work through all the necessary considerations. With our expert team, we will ensure companies uphold even the tightest of discharge permit conditions and can also help put in place plans to ensure the further recycling and re-capturing of energy and bio-products within wastewater. 


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Daniel Parry

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Daniel Parry

Daniel spent the first 10 years of his career managing proposals for large EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) power projects. Daniel has been with Veolia Water Technologies for 7 years where he has managed the proposals for Industrial and Municipal projects. Daniel also now manages the sales team for Industrial Wastewater opportunities ensuring that Veolia Water Technologies work with each customer to design and deliver the most appropriate solution for their needs.