Benefits of a business continuity plan

A reliable and consistent water supply is vital to many sectors, but disasters, whether natural, economic or man-made, can strike at any time. If your company’s water treatment fails, the sooner you can get back to business as usual the better, and the key to this success is having a business continuity plan.

The effects of climate change have been widespread and severe. Extreme weather events, such as the recent floods in England and Wales, will become more commonplace, as will water scarcity, as a result of the rising global temperatures. Not only has the flooding been a danger to life, but these events have had serious implications for businesses where operations have been disrupted. 

These disasters highlight the importance of companies being well prepared. Whether due to an emergency situation, failure of existing plant or reactive maintenance and repair, an interrupted water supply can have a significant impact on the business. It could force manufacturing or processing to halt, costing the business revenue and potentially cause serious damage to a company’s reputation and relationships. It is therefore vital that operations continue with as little delay as possible.

In these uncertain times the importance of having a business continuity plan in place cannot be underestimated. Business continuity is defined as ‘the capability of an organisation to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident’ (Source: ISO 22301). Simply put, this means that a business should be able to carry on doing what it always does regardless of any challenges it may face.

There are a number of key aspects that a business continuity plan for water treatment should include. It should always prioritise the safety of staff and customers on-site. It should also consider the key people and processes that are crucial for ensuring the smooth-running of a business. Creating a list of reliable organisations that can provide support is recommended to allow a quick response in an emergency. Also, consider trialling the business continuity plan to check that it follows the timing set out - there is always room for improvement. Swiftly restoring normality demonstrates resilience and confidence to both customers and staff.  

At Veolia Water Technologies UK our customers are varied and from a wide range of sectors, meaning we have years of experience helping businesses after a disruption. Our expertise in process engineering means that we can devise the optimum solution to help restore normal operations as quickly as possible. 

Our mobile water treatment solutions can help keep processes running in the event of a sudden breakdown, during planned maintenance and refurbishment or to provide temporary additional capacity. We have a large and flexible fleet of mobile assets, a wide technology portfolio and local technical resources to ensure availability whenever it is needed. A complete range of solutions are offered to meet either short or longer term water treatment needs. 

For example, with flow rates from 200 litres an hour to more than 150 cubic metres an hour, VWT UK’s mobile process water service is pre-packaged on a trailer, skid or container for maximum mobility and rapid response. It is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to a fixed plant and is ideal for planned hire, emergency call outs and disaster recovery. 

Furthermore, our AQUAVISTA™ suite of digital services can help ensure flexibility and allow continuity during disruptive events. AQUAVISTA™ provides remote cloud-based monitoring, control, analysis and optimisation solutions for water treatment systems. Internet enabled monitoring devices are installed on all relevant equipment, regardless of the original supplier or manufacturer. The data from these devices is then securely transmitted back to the AQUAVISTA™ system where it is aggregated and displayed in real time on a dashboard overview. The system also alerts the user to any issues with the equipment. This means that where key personnel are unable to access the site operations can continue.

In addition, VWT UK can provide pilot testing for many of our solutions. This can optimise the success of a company’s business continuity plan before it has been implemented, preventing any interruptions or downtime. We can also extend the life of a company’s system by refurbishing and upgrading it to minimise downtime and prevent lost production hours. 

VWT UK can also collaborate with companies by using our True Cost of Water concept. This innovative tool focuses on the financial implications of process water related risk. It provides crucial information to help companies make informed decisions on disaster recovery and ways of investing in sustainable practices, such as process water reuse.

The ability to reassure customers and demonstrate that all steps have been taken to mitigate any disruption is imperative.


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Dominique Tassignon

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Dominique Tassignon

Dominique has worked with industrial customers for over 20 years, joining Veolia Mobile Water Services almost 3 years ago. He has held several senior management roles including Services Director and Commercial Director in the Benelux for water treatment providers. Within Veolia as Commercial Director Europe for the Mobile Water Services he extended his geographical footprint with the objective to meet and exceed customer needs and ensure service excellence. He leads the sales development and growth of the MWS business across Europe.