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22 Feb 2019

Ensuring pure water in your laboratory: Q&A with Amanda Cove


Laboratories rely on the constant provision of high quality water for a variety of purposes, from glass washing to reagent preparation and instrumental analysis. It is all too easy to take this valuable commodity for granted yet, behind the scenes, a great deal of thought goes into designing a

15 Feb 2019

Lab water: Ensuring a reliable supply


Whether you need Type III water for rinsing out your beakers, or Type I+ water for sensitive analytical applications, knowing that you can rely on your water purification systems to give you the correct purity is vital to your laboratory

14 Feb 2019

Without a business continuity plan your organisation may fail


If organisations do not have a business continuity plan in place and they are faced with some kind of disaster – natural, economic or man-made – 75% will fail to survive within the following three years. 25% will never reopen following the disaster

5 Feb 2019

Distilling experience to save water


Evaporation is a very old technology – think extracting salt from sea water – but has historically been considered uneconomical for wastewater treatment. However, as the costs of sewer discharge and landfill continue to rise, evaporation is

4 Feb 2019

Why consider a water treatment system refurbishment instead of a complete overhaul


If your water treatment system is presenting regular performance and efficiency issues it could be reaching the end of its lifespan. Frustrating periods of downtime could suggest that your system is rapidly declining. If so, you might be facing a