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11 Jul 2019

Phosphorus Removal: What are the options?


Phosphorus is a key issue in the treatment of wastewater. While it has a crucial role, particularly in agriculture, the harmful effects of Phosphorus on the natural environment are well documented and understood. If excess quantities are discharged into rivers and water courses it can result in

6 Jun 2019

7 questions to ask when selecting the right supplier


Choosing to work with a new supplier can be risky business. You need to get a good mix of suppliers on your preferred suppliers list (PSL) and from time to time it will need a refresh. Suppliers might not be able to fulfill all your requirements

22 May 2019

Eight ways to improve processes in the water treatment industry


Process improvement is a pressing concern for most businesses wanting to tighten up efficiency. What worked five years ago is not always best suited to today’s business environments, changing workforce structures and available technologies. If you

16 May 2019

How dairy processors are reducing costs and creating new revenue streams


Reducing waste is a key goal for any business, whether it’s simply using less stationery or optimising steel manufacturing, but it is often far more literal in the dairy industry. In general, creating a kilogram of dairy produce requires somewhere

9 May 2019

What is Distilled Water


Distilled water is just one form of purified water. Distilled water is water which has been boiled to create water vapour which is then condensed back into liquid in another container. Impurities, such as minerals, which do not boil at or below

26 Apr 2019

Water for Injection: what does the revised European Pharmacopeia monograph mean for you?


Distillation has long been the method of choice for the production of water for injection (WFI) for the biopharmaceutical industry. April 2017 saw the European Pharmacopoeia amend its guidelines to permit the use of alternative techniques that

10 Apr 2019

Ten top tips for smooth project management


A quick online search for project management tips places planning right at the top of the list, and we wholeheartedly agree. Without thorough preparation, a project can soon stall as it encounters obstacles that could easily have been anticipated.

4 Apr 2019

What is Wastewater Treatment?


Wastewater is water that is no longer needed or no longer suitable for use. It arises from many domestic activities such as bathing, flushing toilets and rainwater run-off. It’s also created in many industrial processes where water might be used for

21 Mar 2019

MBBR: one technology, many applications


Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technology is well known in the wastewater treatment industry as an effective small footprint solution for removing ammonia, nitrogen and biological oxygen demand (BOD). We were early pioneers of the technology,

13 Mar 2019

What is Deionised Water?


Deionised water, or DI water, is sometimes called demineralised water, or DM water. It is water which has had (most of) the ions removed. Ions are atoms or molecules which have either more electrons than protons, making a negative ion (an anion)

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